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Everything about Atelier NA

Once I have collected my products, can I still come back for alterations?

Within 15 days of collecting your products in store, if you notice discomfort or any other defects, you can come into store so your product can be altered. Options however cannot be modified. Signs of wear are not included in this period.

Are alterations included in the price?

Alterations are included in the price as part of the fitting. 15 days after the fitting, alterations will be charged for.

How long do alterations take?

Alterations are made by our own alteration workshops, this can take between 7 days and 3 weeks. The timescale will be announced by the design consultant when the product is put in for alterations.

Do the products have a guarantee?

Tailor-made products correspond to your body at the time of ordering. Fittings are used to confirm your style and your templates. Alterations to the product are accepted within 15 days of the fitting. After this, they will be charged for. However, if they cannot be made after the time limit, no guarantee period applies and the customer must re-order.