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Everything about Atelier NA

How will I be notified of the progress of my order?

Once the products have arrived in store, you will receive a text message notifying you of the availability of your order.

Is it possible that my order will arrive in multiple parts?

It is possible for your order to arrive in several stages, each type of product has its own timescale, you may have a different date for your shirts, suits and fitted products.

Do I need to make an appointment to try my products?

You do not need to make an appointment to try on your products and you do not need any paperwork for your fitting.

Can someone else collect my products for me?

It is fine to let someone else collect your products, however we highly recommend coming yourself so that we can do a fitting in-store and confirm your template.

Can I try a product at another store?

During manufacturing it is possible to request the transfer of your products from one store to another.

What does a fitting involve?

Once you have been told that your products have arrived, you can come into the store to try them on. Your products will be presented to you, and it is essential to have a fitting in the company of a design consultant. During this fitting, you need to specify your comfort and your style requirements. Fitting alterations are a common occurence in the making of tailored clothing. Depending on the type of change, the product is either sent to be altered or it is remade.

How long does the fitting of my products take?

It takes between 10 and 20 minutes for a fitting of your tailored products.

Why are alterations made to a product?

The fitting room effectively allows us to take over 200 measurements, but the accuracy of the measurements does not guarantee that the garment corresponds to your requirements or style. That is why we include the alteration service as part of the same process and without any additional costs.

How long does a remake take?

If the product cannot be altered and must be remade, then the same timescales for the original manufacturing apply again: that being 4-6 weeks.

Can I have my products delivered?

We can deliver your products to your home. However we highly recommend having the first fitting in store in order to facilitate any alterations. No alterations can be made remotely.

What are the delivery costs?

For home delivery, we use DHL Express, delivery rates are as follows:
Suits: France: €15 / suit, EU: €20 /suit Outside EU: on request,.
Shirts: France: €10 / shirt, EU: €15 /suit Outside EU: on request,.

How can I find my previous orders?

We retain and archive all your orders.