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Everything about Atelier NA

What is Atelier NA?

Atelier NA is a french brand offering made-to-measure suits and shirts for men using our unique and patented 3D body scanner. Our mission is to offer everyone a fully made-to-measure wardrobe.

Who is the Atelier NA made to measure intended for?

Atelier NA wants to make its luxury service accessible to everyone by offering all men a simplified, unique and fairly priced made-to-measure service.
Whether you have traditional or exceptional style or you are just looking for a product that perfectly suits and fits you, Atelier NA is the solution.

Is the body scanner available in all stores?

All stores are equipped with the body scanner.

How do I place an order?

Use the following link: to find the nearest stores. Your first order must be placed in-store. Once your template is approved, you can order directly from our website.

How is the price of the made-to-measure products determined?

The price of made-to-measure suits and shirts is purely determined by the range of fabric chosen: customisation options are included in the price and are unlimited! Your body measurements and shape have no impact on the price of your products.
However the made-to-measure waistcoat is charged separately. It does though have unlimited customisation options!

What is the difference between the ranges of fabrics?

The price ranges are determined by the quality and composition of the fabrics. Each range offers fabrics with completely different properties: from 100% wool and 100% cotton fabrics to blends of cashmere and silk, cashmere and wool, wool and mink for made-to-measure suits, as well as 100% cotton and blends of cotton and linen for made-to-measure shirts! We offer a wide range of more than 1500 fabrics!

What is the difference between Super 100, 120, 150 etc?

A fabric can be defined by several characteristics including by its Super number (only valid for 100% wool). The value Super 100s, Super 110s, Super 120s and Super 130s describe the fineness of the wool fibre. A finer fibre provides the fabrics with flexibility, comfort, shine and softness but it will also be more fragile.
When 1kg of wool produces 100km of thread, the fabric made out of that thread will be referred to as Super 100s. The Super value is not a guarantee of quality but rather a processing method performed on the wool to get the finest possible fibre. This characteristic solely determines the use of the fabric, the quality and origin of the wool define the quality of the fabric.

What is the difference between the fabrics in stock and the fabrics à la coupe?

We stock a large number of fabrics. These are presented in store in large samples in order to better envision the final product. We also offer exclusive access to 1500 additional fabrics, as you can order the length of material required for your products from our exclusive suppliers Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry and Thomas Mason. These unique orders extend the delivery time by two weeks.

Are the fabrics different from store to store?

All stores have the same options and the same fabrics available.

Do I pay more for the customisation options?

As seen in the price of the products, the options are not charged for, they are already included in the price in order to offer you the best unlimited customisation experience.

Do I pay more depending on my size?

The price is exclusively linked to the range of fabric, whatever your size and measurements, the price remains the same.

Do I need to make an appointment to place an order?

You do not need to make an appointment to place an order but it is recommended to do so in order to have the best conditions for your tailor-made experience!

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment directly on our website by selecting your nearest store and the desired time. If the desired time is not shown, it means that the time slot is no longer available.
Note: due to the store being very busy, appointments cannot be made for Saturdays.

What is the timescale for making a wedding suit?

For weddings we recommend a deadline equivalent to 2 orders, i.e. 12 weeks before the wedding to allow some leeway and avoid last minute stress. Our design consultants will guide you in preparation for this special day.

What does a typical appointment involve?

On arrival in store, you'll immediately be taken care of by a design consultant. They are responsible for presenting you with and advising you on the different ranges of fabrics as well as on the different customisation options. They will be able to guide you depending on your style and your requirements. To better understand your wishes and your needs, you then try on one of our jackets. This jacket is necessary so we can know exactly what you need. Measurements will then be taken in our 3D fitting room: 200 measurements in less than a second! Once you have chosen all your options and your measurements are confirmed, you can proceed to order payment.

How long does it take to place an order?

Depending on the time spent choosing fabrics and options, the length of the order can vary between 30 minutes and 1 hour. For your second order, this time is shortened to 15 minutes on average.

Which methods are used for taking measurements?

Measurements are taken in 3 stages: by using the fitting room, in your underwear, we only need half a second to obtain more than 200 measurements. Added to this digital measurement is a manual measurement of posture to specify the height of your trousers for example and your neck size. Finally, for the suit, a jacket is fitted to evaluate the types of comfort and style you want for your products.

How does the fitting room work?

The fitting room is one of the cornerstones of Atelier NA. The technology allows 200 measurements to be obtained in less than a second. The method used is the projection of white light, there is therefore no risk from being exposed to it. Those with a pacemaker or sensitive to lasers: the fitting room has no effects on and poses no risk to the body.

Does the fitting room pose any risks to humans?

The fitting room uses white light technology, so there is no risk and no lasers.

Are the fitting room measurements enough on their own?

We add some manual measurements to those collected by the fitting room, which allow us to determine with the customer the ideal location of your belt and the height at which you wear your collar. This data cannot be collected by the fitting room and needs to be decided with your design consultant.

Why do I need to try a jacket on?

A tailored garment does correspond to the measurement parameters but it’s important for it to be linked with the style and comfort that you want it to have. These aspects are very subjective, it is necessary to estimate the comfort of the bend for example or even the length of the jacket for a more or less modern style.

How do I make the payment for the order?

Payment settlement is 100% on the date of the order. We will immediately begin manufacture following order payment.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

We cannot cancel the order once it has been started, the right of withdrawal does not apply to customisable products.

Is it possible to change my order?

Once the order has been started, it is not possible to modify the options.

Can I give made to measure products as a gift?

We provide the opportunity to buy gift cards for your loved ones on our website via the link: